Creating My Financial Plan For My Life Means Being

 "Credit Worthy Financially Fit"

These classes you dont want to miss, all the secrets about living financially Fit.  The longer you live in the dark the worst it gets.  Stop living beneath your privileges and start living life the way you want, when you want. 

 There Is And Old Phrase That Is Out There 

( Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding)


 Is the beginning of greatness, Coming to ones self and realizing that something       

                   or someone is or is not working for me and that a change throw growth is needed.


Is the gathering of information in any area of life with the intent to grow.


Is the ability to properly apply the knowledge that you have obtained and 

       bring about the changes and results you want.

These classes will help you to become wiser, have more knowledge and understanding when it come to your finances.

If you are receptive to the truth you might even learn somethings about yourself you refuse to except.

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Financial Wellnwess

(Budgeting, Credit, Debt, Collection, Forclousure, Home Ownership, Taxes, Retirement)

Business coaching

(Counting Cost, Marketing, Business Plan, Merchant Services, Inc., Location, supply & Demand)

Your dreams and your financial freedom are waiting on you!

I have over 25 years of experience in banking and management let me share that knowledge with you.

"Take Back Your Life "  

A Right To Quit, But My

Will Won't Let Me

if you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll be a winner, over comer and you will come out of this. The road to victory is sometimes hard and long but the rewards will outweigh it all.

Are You A Leader Or Follower

Leaders think And 

Talk About The


Follower Think

And Talk About

The Problem

Tell Me if this makes sense

Never spend your money before you earn it?

The real meaning of credit for most people is DEBT. I borrowed money I don't have yet and agreed to pay it back over time with interest. The proper use of credit is to already have the money and use the credit to build CREDIBILITY not debt. Credibility means I trust you as we do banks. We deposit our funds based on credibility at a very low interest rate because there is little to no risk and they use that credibilty (your money)and make millions. Credibility is another source of power that gives you access to wealth.

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