Climbing The Financial Mountain

Areas Of Expertise

     My 20 plus years has afforded me the ability to obtain an extensive amount of knowlegde in all of these area's and a track record of sucessfully helping people over the years to live a more financially fit life. 

 What I am now showing others how to do, I have at one time had to do for myself. 

 Call or Email cause what you don't know can hurt you.

"Stop Living Beneath Your privilages"


1) How credit works  

2) How it effects the life you live

3)How to obtain

4) How to build and set limitations

5)How to repair

6) How to dispute

7) How to prevent collection

8) How to take advantage of credit


1) uncovering what works for you

2) Are your banking needs met

3) Where should you bank

4) CD/ IRA/ Money Market/ Loans

5) Understanding APR & APY

6) Cosigning

7) Overdraft

8) Garnishments

9) indentity theft

10) Business & Personal Accounts

Home Ownership

1) Buying what you can afford

2) Credit score needed

3) How to Come up with down payment/ The Rules

4) Counting all of the cost

5) Preventing Forclosure

6) Does and Dont's of Ownership

7) Knocking years off your mortgage

8) Investment Property

9) Home Equity

10) Property Tax

11) Insurence


1) How to set a budget

2) Calculating total expenses

3) Creating a plan to get out of depth

4) How to execute plan/ prioritizing

5) Reproducing the money

6) Setting goals going forward

7) How to stay on track

8) Taking the guest work out of it

Building Wealth

1) What is wealth

2) Understanding rate of inflation

3) Importence of retirement products

4) How much do I need in retirement

5) Products and how they work

6) what percentage should I be putting in

7) Risk

8) Setting a goal based on age

9) Staying ahead of the cost of living


1) Creating business plan

2) understanding the economy

3) Understanding supply and demand

4) counting the cost

5) location

6) Marketing

7) Cash flow

8) credit lines

9) merchant Services

10) Insurance

11) incorporating

12) Competition

13) Accounting

14) Record keeping


1)  Taxes Brakets

2)  Standard Deductions

3)  Itemized Deductions

4)  What type of tax breaks do I qualify for

5)  Filing Status

6)  Charitable Donations

7)  Commingled Funds

8)  Retirement Plans

9)  Lottery

10) Settelments

"Money won't make you whole"

In many cases money is dangerus to people who are Brooken / Hurt / Insecure

1) Am I broken, hurt or insecure

2) Is there a void that needs to be filled

3) What do I need to let go of

4) who's in control 

5) Who or what have I given my power to

6) Separating need from wants

7) STAND ( if you need me to I'll explain)

But being whole will make you money!!